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Give Someone the Gift of Invisalign Braces

Give Someone the Gift of Invisalign Braces
Posted on 11/08/2022

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Whether you're looking for Invisalign in Johannesburg or want a consultation with an orthodontist, Dr. Sahide Choonara is the doctor to visit. His expertise covers a broad array of treatment options and therapies, but his main goal is to provide patient relief through surgical intervention and teeth alignment. Simply put, if you're suffering from oral woes in South Africa and need relief, Dr. Choonara is a one-stop shop for your needs. And if you know someone who wants Invisalign, here's why the holiday season is the perfect time to give the gift of a radiant smile.

Confidence Boost

Nothing in the world makes someone as beautiful as a glowing smile. Regardless of the background, we hail from, a contagious smile spreads love, joy, and confidence to those around us. More specifically, new data suggests people with uneven smiles suffer from anxiety, stress, social pressure, and the inability to look people in the eyes. Each of these side effects has a real-world impact on their lifestyle, causing them to hide away from the world rather than tackle life's pressing issues. With a holiday gift, you can remove the negative experiences your friend or family member faces.

Improved Speech and Dictation

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of fixing one's smile is the way the Invisalign process improves speech patterns. When the tongue has adequate room to move within the patient's mouth, expressing thoughts and ideas become easy to manage. Moreover, crooked and overcrowded teeth lead to whistling while talking, a slight lisp on certain words, and an overall degradation of the patient's ability to speak with their friends and family members. By gifting Invisalign in Randburg, you not only improve the appearance of your family member's smile, but you also help them interact with the world around them more efficiently.

Tooth Loss Prevention

The brilliant benefit of Invisalign is that it improves the overall health and integrity of the patient's mouth. In short, straight teeth and an aligned smile keeps tooth loss and decay at bay, making way for fresh and radiant teeth to flourish. If you have crooked teeth and notice excess tartar and buildup around your gums and tooth line that never seems to go away, Invisalign helps.

Contact Dr. Sahide Choonara Immediately

Be the savior your friend or family member needs this holiday season by giving them Invisalign for their uneven smile. In a few short months, their entire outlook on life will improve for the better. Whether you're looking for Invisalign in Randburg or Invisalign in Johannesburg, Dr. Choonara is ready and willing to surpass your expectations by restoring your smile.

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