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The Invisalign Process

The Invisalign Process
Posted on 06/01/2020
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The Invisalign ProcessAre you about to start your Invisalign treatment or are considering getting it done? Learn all about the Invisalign process and how our Johannesburg orthodontist can get you the smile that you’ve been dreaming of!

Get a Treatment Plan

After you’ve consulted with your orthodontist and you’ve decided that you’re ready to move forward with getting Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist will craft a treatment plan specifically for your teeth. We will take x-rays, impressions, and photographs of your teeth to send off to the Invisalign company along with a detailed plan of action about how the aligners should move your teeth over time.

The Invisalign team then uses this information to create a 3D rendering of your teeth and your Invisalign trays, which our orthodontists can then review through our office computers. Once we’re satisfied with the renderings, Invisalign technicians make your trays and send them to our office.

Wear Your Aligners

When we’ve received your aligners, we’ll call you so that you can come up to our Johannesburg orthodontists office and get them. Each tray is meant to be worn during a different part of the Invisalign process, so we’ll review which specific order you’ll wear them for their individual two week period. The only times you should be removing your aligners are to eat and to brush, otherwise your teeth won’t move at the rate that they’re supposed to and your new aligners will not fit right.

Refine Your Teeth

After you’ve worn your trays for the allotted amount of time, you’ll start getting ready to live Invisalign free with your new beautiful smile! Once you’ve finished your last tray, however, your teeth may still need some refining to make sure you have the exact smile you want. Your orthodontist will inspect your teeth and may get back in touch with the provider to create some refinement trays. These are just to get your smile as perfect as possible at the end of your treatment.

Maintain Your Smile

Once you’ve completed your alignment trays and possibly your refinement trays, your orthodontist will make you a retainer that keeps your teeth in place. Many people wear their retainers when they sleep, to keep their teeth from moving over time. We at Choonara Orthodontics suggest that you do the same, to ensure that all the time you put into making your smile amazing pays off!

Are you ready to make your teeth the best that they can be? Schedule an appointment with our Johannesburg orthodontist today and learn how Invisalign can give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of!

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