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Top 5 Benefits of Dental Space Maintainers for Kids

Top 5 Benefits of Dental Space Maintainers for Kids
Posted on 01/03/2023

Kids sometimes lose teeth faster than they can grow them back in. Sometimes kids intentionally pull them out looking for a payout from the tooth fairy. Either way, Choonara Orthodontics of Johannesburg knows exactly how to fix this situation. Their years of experience with juvenile orthodontics makes them the ideal clinic to help your child.

Using Space Savers to Keep Teeth in the Right Place

When kids lose baby teeth or pull out baby teeth, the spaces are meant to be filled in with adult teeth. There's just one problem that many kids experience. Spaces may end up with the wrong teeth growing in and the right teeth stuck behind or above them. To correct this issue, your local orthodontist will use space savers to hold the spaces open and prevent the wrong teeth from sliding into those spaces.

Additionally, your local orthodontist may offer you the Propel orthodontics system. In Johannesburg Propel orthodontics have helped correct hundreds of kids' smiles who have lost teeth and needed adjustments during or after the use of space savers. The orthodontist from Johannesburg with Propel orthodontics can show you the many benefits of using these devices.

Benefit #1: Space Savers Allow Adult Teeth to Come in Easier

When adult teeth have room to erupt and come down into the mouth, they do so more easily. Space savers reserve the space adult teeth need to come in as expected.

Benefit #2: Space Savers Help Prevent Crooked Teeth

Your child's teeth may still come in a little crooked, but the space savers prevent the level of crookedness that would have otherwise occurred. When used in conjunction with the Propel system, the adult teeth move into place with even less crookedness.

Benefit #3: Space Savers Create More Space for Future Teeth

The space savers work gradually to slightly increase the amount of room in your child's mouth for future teeth. Besides holding spaces open for the teeth that are supposed to go there, space savers create a little extra space in case future teeth are a lot bigger. Adult molars can require extra space to erupt.

Benefit #4: Space Savers Are Comfortable to Wear

After space savers are fitted to your child's mouth, they are not uncomfortable. The teeth abutting the space saver try to push up against the space saver but can't. Eventually the natural teeth stop trying to shove into the space that the space saver occupies.

Benefit #5: Space Savers Are Easily Removed

As adult teeth erupt, the space savers are removed. They are removed just as easily as they are placed, clearing the path for the adult teeth to come in. If there's extra space surrounding the adult tooth, the vibrations from the Propel system helps "shake" teeth into closer position without the use of braces. Schedule an appointment today in Johannesburg, Randburg, or Sandton to see what these devices can do for your child's smile.

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