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What Vitamins are Recommended for Teeth

What Vitamins are Recommended for Teeth With Braces?
Posted on 03/29/2022

When you’re undergoing braces treatment, you’re hoping to maximize your results in any way possible, to take the time and energy spent wearing the appliances worth it. One way to do this is to choose vitamin supplements that strengthen your teeth while the braces do the work, so today Choonara Orthodontics has created a list of recommended vitamins and their benefits. If you’re ready to get braces in Randburg and Johannesburg, South Africa, contact us today!


Calcium is used by the body to strengthen the bones, including your teeth. A healthy amount of calcium will prevent your teeth from breaking, as well as fight gum disease and decay. Foods like milk, yogurt, beans, and leafy green vegetables are good sources of calcium.

Vitamin C

Having braces can sometimes cause inflammation in the mouth, and occasional bleeding especially in the beginning as your mouth adjusts to the appliance. Vitamin C prevents both, as well as speeding up the healing process. Oranges, broccoli, and sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for the health of the soft tissues in the mouth, and for producing enough saliva to wash away the problem bacteria that accumulate on the teeth. Carrots, eggs, squash, and bran cereal contain vitamin A. It is also another vitamin that strengthens your bones.


Iron is vital for the overall health of the body. It provides energy, boosts immunity, improves circulation, and prevents inflammation and sores on the tongue. Meat and seafood are rich in iron, as are dark chocolate, soybeans, and cashews.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for helping your body absorb calcium. The sun gives you a dose of vitamin D every time you go outside, but vitamin D is also found in egg yolks, cheese, fish, and milk. Many people take vitamin D in supplement form, especially in the wintertime.

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