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The Best Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist

The Best Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist
Posted on 10/15/2020

Finding an orthodontist near you or an orthodontist near or around Johannesburg should be the most challenging part of beginning the orthodontic journey. Learning more about your orthodontist and your or your child’s orthodontic options shouldn’t be. Read on to see suggestions on what to ask your or your child’s orthodontist.

Learn About Their Background

It may seem silly or unnatural, but asking your orthodontist about their background is pretty routine. We encourage you to ask your orthodontist about their education and residency, what other special training they have, and how much experience do they have?

Discuss Treatment Options & Expected Results

Every smile and every mouth is completely unique. Be sure to learn about your treatment options and the expected results. We encourage you to express your goals and any aspects of your smile, jaw, or mouth that you would like to discuss or are self-conscious of. Be sure to communicate clearly regarding anything you would like to focus on or have addressed.

Inquire About Other Orthodontic Options

When you meet with the orthodontist you’ll discuss the suggested treatment route for your particular needs and unique smile and mouth. Learn more about the suggested treatment and don’t be afraid to ask about other options that can be explored to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Discuss Treatment Timeline

After you discuss the treatment the orthodontist has suggested, be sure to discuss the expected timeline. While the average orthodontic treatment is about two years, each smile and mouth presents their own unique needs. We also suggest learning more about how often you should be seen during the treatment.

Explore What Habits and Changes WIll Need to be Made

Getting braces comes with many changes along the way so we encourage you to explore and learn more about what habits and changes need to be made to ensure you have the most productive and successful orthodontic journey and treatment. Discussing what foods need to be avoided and what you can replace them with is a great place to start.

Discuss the Cost

Be sure to discuss the financials of the orthodontic treatment. It’s common for the treatment cost to vary from orthodontist to orthodontist. We encourage you to not only find out the cost, but also to learn what comes included in that cost. Also learn if you will end up having to pay more if the treatment takes longer than originally expected. And discuss if you will have to pay for regular visits on top of the cost of the treatment.

Start Your Orthodontic Journey with Choonara Orthodontics

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about orthodontic options or you’re ready to begin treatment, we are here to help! Finding an orthodontist and beginning the braces journey in Johannesburg shouldn’t be hard and we aim to make the entire process easier! Contact us today!

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