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How Often Should I Clean My Retainer?

How Often Should I Clean My Retainer?
Posted on 01/06/2021

Whether you have been using your retainer for a while, or if you are about to transition from braces to using a retainer, there is a lot of conflicting information about retainers. Here at Choonara Orthodontics, your local orthodontist in Sandton, Johannesburg, we know that taking care of your retainer doesn’t have to be more difficult than it already is, so we have put together this quick guide on how to keep your retainer clean and safe!

Protect Your Retainer and Protect Your Teeth

If you are looking for a professional opinion from an orthodontist in Johannesburg South about how to take care of your retainer, look no further! Check out these easy strategies to make sure your retainer does its job:

  • Clean It Every Day

    It may seem like a lot, but retainers can easily grow bacteria and make your breath smell if you do not clean them properly. After you brush your teeth at night, make sure to brush your retainer thoroughly to get rid of harmful bacteria!
  • Keep Cool!

    When cleaning your retainer, make sure to use cold water and not hot water. The retainer plastic can become malleable under hot water which can cause it to lose its shape and its effectiveness.
  • Always Use The Case

    Retainers are fragile things when they are not in your mouth, so be sure to stick them right into the case when you take them out. Pets love them and people tend to throw them out if they find them, so keep your case close and your retainer closer!
  • Use It Or Lose It

    Your retainer works best and is safest when it is in your mouth! The more you wear it, the less time you will have to keep carrying it around, so make sure to wear your retainer whenever possible.
  • Visit Your Local Orthodontist in Sandon!

    One of the best ways to ensure that your retainer is working is to visit Choonara Orthodontics, your local orthodontist in Johannesburg South. By making regular visits to the orthodontist you can make sure that your retainer is in good shape and still helping straighten your teeth. Contact Choonara Orthodontics in Sandon to schedule an appointment or learn more about how to take care of your retainer!

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