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Benefits of Wearing a Clear Retainer

Benefits of Wearing a Clear Retainer
Posted on 08/05/2022

Orthodontics in South Africa often involves clear retainers for their patients. Johannesburg Propel orthodontics often uses them for their myriad benefits. Since these are less noticeable, a patient's self-perception remains intact following their application. Furthermore, a clear retainer's removability frequently elevates them, adding to their versatility. 

Virtually Invisible Aesthetic Designs

Fear about a procedure's cosmetic effects is not uncommon, although it's unnecessary. Since the molded retainer's plastic is transparent, it is hardly apparent. Outsiders cannot discern their presence unless they are next to the wearer. Consequently, hesitant patients may be persuaded to give them a try, improving outcomes. 

Improved program adherence also reduces tooth displacement following orthodontic operations. In other words, the effort spent on reconfiguring your smile will not be wasted. Visit Choonara Orthodontics South Africa for more info. 

Reduced Bulkiness

During production, a clear retainer is made using a mold of the client's teeth. Polyurethane injection is shot into the mold's outline, filling its entirety. 

Once this thin plastic resin hardens, the creator can remove it from the molding and give it to the client. Comparisons between this retainer type and a metallic one manifest obvious differences. 

For example, the metal option adds far more bulk to the final item's weight. Therefore, it is more apparent to the person wearing it whenever they have them on. As a result, people are less likely to remove a clear one, enhancing their overall outcomes. 

Enhanced Comfort

Pokey metal bits jab the mouth's interior when somebody puts on Hawley retainers. Instead of utilizing sharp alloys and stabby pieces, molders utilize soft resins. These are not as uncomfortable when worn, so people keep them on more. Ask Choonara Orthodontics to learn more. 

Minimum Impact on Speech

Considering speech's prevalence, impacts on it can be a massive headache. Fortunately, a plastic retainer has a negligible impact on a person's speaking ability. Thus, they notice fewer routine disturbances, making life less cumbersome. In addition to minimally impacting sound production, clear retainers do not damage confidence. 

Selecting the Appropriate Retainer Type

Most of the time, a retainer choice may be based on your orthodontists' recommendation. However, everybody should arm themselves with relevant knowledge concerning their options. Choonara Orthodontics performs multiple types of operations and post-operative procedures. Visit our website to learn more about Johannesburg Propel orthodontics. 

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