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Ceramic vs. Metal Braces, Which Is Better?

Ceramic vs. Metal Braces, Which Is Better?
Posted on 09/02/2022

Dr. Sahide Choonara: Providing Invisible Braces In Johannesburg

Our staff at Dr. Choonara's office provides full-spectrum care, never leaving patients to feel unattended or ignored during their visitations. Whether you're being fitted for braces or consulting with Dr. Choonara for surgical intervention, our friendly experts are with you every step. If you're ready to revolutionize your smile and elevate your confidence, contact Dr. Sahide Choonara's office today and see why he's become renowned for his orthodontic treatments in South Africa.

Should I Choose Ceramic or Metal Braces When Visiting our practice in Northcliff, Johannesburg?

The key differences between ceramic and metal braces come down to cost, visual appearance, and overall results. In simple terms, ceramic braces are hard to see, but they often cost more than their metal counterparts, and the amount of time to see results increases.

Moreover, metal braces are the gold standard for changing one's teeth in a short period. Although metal braces create large lines across one's smile for a period, the improvements made to the teeth are rapid and significant. Moreover, metal braces typically cost between R 1750 to R 3500  less than ceramic options on the market.

A benefit of opting for ceramic braces relates to the aesthetic appearance of the braces after installation. Unlike rigid metal materials that can be unsightly until the patient acclimates to the orientation, ceramic braces are less visible. More specifically, ceramic braces are built using a durable material called polycrystalline alumina. Polycrystalline alumina is shaped and engineered to fit the unique structure of the mouth, and the exterior is often colored to match the natural color of the patient's teeth.

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Regardless if you opt for metal braces or ceramic alternatives, Dr. Sahide Choonara is ready and waiting for your call. During his consultation, Dr. Choonara will give you a customized plan to address your needs and expectations. Whether you're new to the world of orthodontics in South Africa or a seasoned patient, consulting with Dr. Choonara and his staff is a no-brainer. Book an appointment today and see how your smile and confidence soar to new heights.

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